Shopping Mall

Control your chargers


Configure Prices

You can configure the values you want
Charge fees for misuse

Invoice and utilization reports

Know equipment status at any time

Consult your billing at any time

Hourly Rates

Configure hourly rates


No work, no cards

The user uses his mobile phone to charge and pay

You do not need to allocate any collaborators

No cards

Show up on maps

The charging points, besides appearing in the ChargeSurfing app with your logo, will appear on other maps, such as Google, Waze, etc ...

Your space, your solution


Attract more people

With a charging service you will attract more customers


Apply discounts to your clients

You can assign discounts to your customers and associate existing loyalty cards

Charge your fleet for free

Pay only the energy cost to charge your vehicles

All other vehicles will pay

Flexible payment

Receives the value right after charging

Any credit card for payment

MBWay and other payments coming soon

Return on investment

Return on investment in 1 to 3 years, depending on the equipment
Will attract more customers to your supermarket

Why should I have charge points in my Shopping Mall?

  •     Portugal has the 4th largest adoption of electric vehicles in Europe

  •     280,000 new charging points are needed per year in Europe

  •     In 2025 there will be 250 million plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles

  •     I will increase my incoming with my charging points


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